About Relodeck

Who is it for

These days lots of people move between cities and countries all the time.

When you move to a new location, you need a lot of information and you need a valid source.

There are lots of people in the world, who know what transferees need to know, when arriving in a new location. They know it, not because the are locals. They know, because they are locals AND they are professionals about knowing. They have made it their business to know.

They are called DSPs.

Destination Service Providers.

The Relodeck Tool

Relodeck is a tool for DSP to provide the valid tailored information to transferees.

In a timely manner.

The Relodeck information navigation tool was invented to make it easier for the transferees to get to the information they need to know.

It is doing a lot more than that. We can tell you in a demo. Book a demo here.

Less is more…

Google is great. However, a bit time consuming.

And sometime you are not sure the information you find is completely valid.

Also everyone is suffering infobesity these days.

We believe less is more.

Google will always be there.

Relodeck feeds information through web, tablets and mobiles.

It is information for Transferees. When they need it. Only what they need.

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