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We believe do can do more, when doing it with others.

2 people can do more that 1 alone and 1 alone.

If you want to be a good runner, you join a Running Club. Community supports you. When people share experiences they inspire others. And we become motivated when we are inspired.

When we hear others are struggling with the same issues we don’t feel alone anymore. When we do not feel alone this lifts our spirit and hopes to find solutions.

The Relodeck Community

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All users of Relodeck are members of the community.


We will post all new changes and news in the community – your will get newsletter to guide you to the changes.

Training Facilities

The community offers access to online training of how to use the tool

  • Tool box for quick learn and implementation support
  • Tech Manual – look up what you need to
  • Content Guide – tips and idea of how and when to post content
  • Writing classes for the online medias


In 2016 we will open our Forum where users can exchanges tips and idea

Online Forums

Some topics are not ideal to share or talk about in writing, they are much faster solved in a quick conversation.

In 2016 we will also offer members meeting online, where you may help.

These will be held in small groups, and take about an hour.